The Health + Community Care Workforce Sector Council previously Health Care Human Resource Sector is committed to providing our stakeholders and organizations with the most current and relevant workforce development tools. Part of this includes Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility. It cannot be understated the importance of inclusivity in everything we do. There isn’t anyone anywhere who doesn’t want to be feel safe in expressing who they are – ultimately we seek the same thing and that is a sense of belonging. When people feel included, they are better able to contribute to their work, their homes and their communities. When we embrace diversity and inclusion, we have the opportunity to gain a new perspective on the world.

What the Council offers:

• Front line staff training around race relations, unconscious bias, microaggressions, privilege and allyship (Two hours). This is for front line staff within the Continuing Care sector, Disability Support Network and Home Support Network. Book sessions now.
• Senior Leadership and Management training around the importance of welcoming workplaces, cultural competence, microaggressions, bias with additional focus on inclusive talent management (6 hours).
• In progress – DEI Knowledge Hub for employers and employees
• Other DEI support as necessary (policies, charters, continuous and ongoing learning, resources)

Please reach out to Zoe Hawkins (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager) at or 902-830-5068

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